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About Edusight

Discover why we are different!


Together we thrive.

We provide a place for every person, every path, and every bit of potential.

Edusight is committed to being a welcoming, collegial and innovative learning community that is dedicated to promote lifelong learning. We lead through exploration and innovation. Through a culture of informed risk-taking, we embrace change, opportunity and discovery, and view all our endeavours as opportunities to learn and grow. We prepare you to build the skills and knowledge that today’s employers need. With courses in the field of Business, Health & Safety, Education, Technology and more. We have programs customized for you to meet your personal and professional goals.
At Edusight, you’ll find all the people and resources you need to meet your goals, whether you’re school leaver, an undergraduate student, a graduate student or someone already in the working world who wants to continue their education and accelerate career growth. 

We at Edusight, believe that small classes deliver big ideas. With our impressive student-faculty ratio, you’ll get to know your trainers – experts better, who will guide you through out the program.
Not only is Edusight one of the fastest-growing Institutes in UAE, but also we’re recognized across the country for our excellence and value, as well as a strong choice for affordable programs.
Our commitment to excellence in teaching, includes the learning and support systems that help students succeed. We are dedicated to providing students with diverse, flexible pathways and learning experiences. We foster a supportive, creative and collaborative learning environment that is learner-centered. We empower students, staff and faculty to achieve personal, professional and academic excellence.

Why pursue your higher studies at Edusight?

Academic programs that prepare you for the career you want.

Everything and everyone you need to succeed.

Faculty who truly cares about their subject and you

Our I-love-it-here community.

More affordable than you may think.

Outcomes that speak for themselves.

Creating Passion to Learn

Our Vision & Mission

Edusight Learning Institute provides innovative, effective and integrated training opportunities for people who need new skills to enjoy the dignity that comes with employment, independence and self-reliance.

Edusight’s mission is to deliver innovative, value-driven, and flexible training solutions that are aligned to the specific needs of individuals seeking professional development and formal training.

Together we thrive. We provide a place for every person, every path, and every bit of potential.


201, FAB Building, Burjuman,
United Arab Emirates

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